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Program overview

As a tourism program for MICE participants held in Gyeongnam area, visitors can see the present and the future, history, culture, fields of industry, and ecology of Gyeongnam. Comprised of total 28 tourism courses, MICE Tourism Program is divided into the same-day tour course and tour course in accommodation. With various themes in each course, visitors will experience unforgettable memories with customized tour depending on the preference of participants.

Program information
  • Held by : Gyeongnam Convention Bureau
  • Period : March 1, 2018, to December 31, 2018
  • For : Participants from Korea and abroad in MICE held in Gyeongnam
  • Location : Major sightseeing attractions in Gyeongsangnam-do
How to apply
  • Online
    - Homepage of Gyeongnam Convention Bureau (shortcut)
    - Homepage of Gyeongnam Theme Travel Agency (shortcut)
  • Offline
    - Reservation by phone : Gyeongnam Theme Travel Agency ☎055)285-2077
Notes of attention
  • Sales period for tour product is available to change depending on the festival period and blooming time.
  • Fees apply if cancelling the reservation due to personal causes (※ refer to the refund regulations from Gyeongnam Theme Travel Agency)
  • Not available to cancel the event due to rain
  • Phone inquiry after completing the reservation when paying with the card
  • Apply at least 20 days before the event due to the pre-application period for Changwon Industry Tour
Major schedules for MICE customized tour program
Products(28) Major schedules Notes
Same-day seasonal products(16) Spring(6) [Changwon]  Jinhae Gunhang Festival → Republic Of Korea Naval Academy → Jungwon intersection square(Yeojwa Valley) on sales
[Changwon]  Cheonju mountain(Korean rosebay) → Junam Wetlands Park → Buk-myeon Mageumsan Hot spring on sales
[Yangsan]  Wondong Plum Village → Yangsan Tongdosa Temple on sales
[Tongyeong]  Tongyeong Jangsa island → Tongyeong Jungang Market&Dongpirang Village on sales
[Hadong]  Ssang-gyesa Temple → Hadong sibli Cherry tree path → Hwagae Market → Choechampandaeg on sales
[Changnyeong]  Nakdong River Rape field → Upo Wetland Trekking on sales
Summer(5) [Gimhae]  Gimhae Waterpark & Lotte premium outlet on sales
[Geoje]  Haegumgang River → Oedo Botania → Windy Hill&Sinseondae on sales
[Sancheong]  Gyeonghogang River → Namsa Yedamchon Village on sales
[Hamyang-Haman]  Hamyang Sang-lim Park → Hamyang Doore Village → Hamyang Gangju Sunflower Village uploading
[Hamyang-Sancheong]  Hamyang Sang-lim Park → Donguibogam Village uploading
Fall(5) [Changwon]  Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival → Masan Marine Park uploading
[Jinju]  Jinju Yudeung Festival → Jinju Arboretum
※ departure in the afternoon
[Sancheong-Jinju] Sancheong Donguibogam Village(Sancheong Medicinal Herbal Festival) → Jinju Yudeung Festival uploading
[Hadong]  Samseonggung → Tea Ceremony Experience → Choechampandaeg uploading
[Hadong]  Hadong Bukchon Cosmos → Tea Ceremony Experience → Choechampandaeg uploading
Seasonal products in accommodation(2) Spring(1) [Tongyeong-Geoje]  Tongyeong Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway → Tongyeong Jungang Market → Mongdol Beach → Haegumgang River on sales
Fall(1) [Hadong-Namhae]  Hadong Samseonggung → Hwagae Market → Choechampandaeg → Darangyi Village → Boriam uploading
Ordinary same-day products(8) [Changwon]  Dotseom Marine Park → Chang-dong Art Village → Marine Drama Set on sales
[Changwon]  Jinhae Marine Park → Jinhae Dream Park → Seongjusa Temple → Gyeongnam Art Museum on sales
[Changwon]  Changwon History & Folklore Center → Gyeongnam Art Museum → Junam Wetlands Park → Buk-myeon Mageumsan Hot spring on sales
[Changwon]  Technical Tour(Korea Institute of Materials Science/Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute/Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction/GM Korea) on sales
[Gimhae]  Gimhae Rail Bike & Wine Cave → Gaya Theme Park → Bongha Town on sales
[Tongyeong]  Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway → Jungang Market → Dongpirang Village & Seo Byeong Gwan on sales
[Sacheon-Goseong]  Sacheon Aerospace Museum & Advanced Space Science Museum → Sangjogam County Park on sales
[Namhae]  Boriam → German Village(파독전시관&원예예술촌) on sales
Ordinary products in accommodation(2) [Namhae] German Village(파독전시관&원예예술촌) → Darangyi Village → Boriam on sales
[Hapcheon-Sancheong]  Haeinsa Temple → Hapcheon Image Theme Park → Sancheong Donguibogam Village on sales