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All personal informations that Gyeongnam Convention Bureau collected are based on relevant Act or have been collected,
possessed and handled under agreement of the principals of information."Privacy policy statement by public institutions"
presents general standards to handle privacy and Gyeongnam Convention Bureau handles personal informations that are
collected, possessed and handled by following those statements to perform appropriately as a public institution and to protect the rights of the people.

Also, Gyeongnam Convention Bureau respects your rights such as inspection request of personal information which is
possessed by the related law and correction claim, you can demand an administrative trial by Administrative Appeals Act
about infringement on rights and interests.

Next, we explain privacy policy statements of Gyeongnam Convention Bureau. Privacy policy statements are consist of two
parts that "privacy policy for homepage users" to protect users' personal information on homepage which is running by
Gyeongnam Convention Bureau and "privacy protection which is handled by computer" that about handling personal
information to conduct related works.

Personal information which is collected and possessed automatically

These informations will be collected and possessed automatically, when you use our homepage

  • What you wrote on our homepage can be read or searched by others.
  • User's browser type and OS
  • Dates of your visiting

Collecting informations through e-mails and webs

Users can declare their intention by snail mail, phone and e-mail. We 'd like to inform a few suggestions to chose those ways.

  • What you wrote on our homepage can be read or searched by others.
  • What you wrote can be shared with others who need it based on related laws, also can be used as references for acting revalent laws and policy development. And these can be shared with other departments or provided if needed.

Security Action that are managed by web site

For security of homepage or constant services, we run various programs indcluding net work traffic monitoring to check attempts
like changing informations illegally.

Link site, Web page

If you click links or banners on web pages that are running by Gyeongnam Convention Bureau to post other sites or web pages
Privacy policy of that site's will be applied, therefore check with visited site.

Obtaining other's personal information while visiting web site.

Shouldn't obtain others' distingguishable personal informations like e-mail address on web site that are running by
Gyeongnam Convention Bureau. The person who read or was supplied other's personal informations by improper way will be
punished by Art.23 of "regulation for protecting privacy policy of public institutions".

Privacy protection which is handled by computer

Collecting and possessing personal informations

Gyeongnam Convention Bureau only collects and possesses personal informations under the agreement of the principals of
information and regulations of laws. personal informations that are collected and possessed by the regulations are below.

  • Webzine service: e-mail, name
  • Community member: name, address, contact no., cell phone no., e-mail
Use personal informations

Most of services that are provided on homepage of Gyeongnam Convention Bureau can be used at any time without being a
member. However, Gyeongnam Convention Bureau collects users' personal informations to provide better service like
community and customized service.

Inspection request and correction claim of personal information

When a person who is a member wants to inspect or edit own informations which are possessed by Gyeongnam Convention
Bureau, click (community)-(edit informations) then inspect and edit them personally except I.d and name. Also call or e-mail to a manager will take an action immediately after the personal certification. When an authorizer of the user asks for inspection
and correction, he can be asked to present papers that show relations between user and authorizer. When you ask corrections
of errors on your personal informations, it won't be used or provided till it finishes to be corrected.

Destruction of personal information's file

When there is an achievement of possessing goals of personal information's file or no need to possess personal information's
file, it will be destroyed immediately. But it will be excepted in case of other regulations applied.

Remedy of infringement on rights and interests

About a request by Art.12(Inspection of processed information) clause1 and Art.14 clause1(correction of processed information), a person whose rights and interests disturbed by public institutions' actions or omissions can demand an administrative trial by Administrative Appeals Act.

Steps to report and process infringement on rights and interests

In principle, counselling is within 7days, reporting, investigating and processing are within 30days.

Reporting infringement of personal information

If there is any doubt of infringement on rights and interests or possibility of leaking personal information, contact us as below.

Manager of protection of personal information in Gyeongnam Convention Bureau
  • Tel : +82-55-212-6713, Fax : +82-55-212-6710
  • Address:(641-200) 6fl. Changwon convention center 362 Wonidaero(123Daewon-dong) Uechang-gu Changwon-si
  • Manager of protection of personal information in Gyeongnam Convention Bureau :
  • e-mail : jsmun@cvb.or.kr