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We are inviting all of you to Gyeongsangnamdo where you can
feel the harmony of the past, the present and the future.

As an organization attracting & hosting exclusive international conferences in charge ofthrough advertising and marketing activities, Gyeongnam Convention Bureau introduces Gyeongsangnam-do Gyeongnam, balanced in natural scenery and futuristic high-tech industryindustries, as an attractive MICE venue to thefor Korean & foreign markets.

Gyeongsangnamdo took over the culture of Gaya which was the kingdom of the iron, the splendid civilization and the Tripitaka Koreana which was noticed by UNESCO to lead the cutting edge industry of Korea through machinery, shipbuilding and aviation industry.
Furthermore, natural environment that has been preserved long time and historic culture are in excellent harmony with advanced industrial infrastructure to present a variety of pleasure to visitors in Gyeongnam.

Our (corp.)Gyeongnam convention bureau puts a lot of efforts into Gyeongnam MICE business and activation of tourism.
Along with establishing of Changwon convention center(CECO) which provides convention one-stop service in 2005, we held big international events such as 2008 Ramsar convention and 2010 UNCCD and offer various charms and tastes of a beautiful marine tourist spot which extends endlessly along uncontaminated areas of sea, Namhaean Hanreohaesang national park.

Please join a harmonious concert at (corp.) Gyeongnam convention bureau at eco-friendly green stage in Gyeongsangnamdo where leads today's cutting edge industry long with ancient history and culture.