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The location

Gyeongsangnamdo is located on the southeast of the Korean
peninsula and touches Busan on the east, Namhae on the
south, Daegu on the north and Mujoo in Jeolanamdo on the
west by Mt. Sobaek. It is in the same latitude with Gyoto,
Nagoya in Japan, Kypros in the Mediterranean sea and
Oklahoma in America.

The area

The area of Gyeongsangnamdo is 10,532.7Km2 and has about
10.5% area of the whole south Korea (100,033km2) and is the
4th biggest province after Gyungbuk, Gangwon, Jeonnam
among 16 cities and provinces. Gyungnam also has many
400 islands which occupy about 8.5% of the area.


Gyeongsangnamdo is at a low latitude because it is located on
the southeast of the Korean peninsula and touches the ocean
on the south not only the influence of the ocean but also high
mountains positioned horizontally on the east west block cold
wind from northwest in winter, so the climate is relatively warm
in Korea.

Coast and sea

The southern coast is deep because of its sunken southern edge and has bays and big and small islands in the archipelago.
Especially, Hallyeo Sudo which is centered of Tongyoung is a
marine national park as a tourist place along with Chungmogong's battlefield.

Tourist Information
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Weather • Average temperatures
 - Inland: 12~13 ℃ / Coast: 14~15 ℃
• Temperature range for select months
 - January: -7 ~ 1 ℃ / August: 22 ~ 30 ℃
Time GMT + 9 (Korean Standard Time, KST, or Japanese Standard Time, JST)
Power 220V, 60HZ (identical to France, Germany, Australia, Greece, Turkey
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Country Code +82
Local Number +82-55
Language Korean
Currency Won(₩, KRW)