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Changwon-si Jinju-si Tongyoung-si Sachun-si Gimhae-si Milyang-si Geoje-si Yangsan-si Ueryung-gun Hamahn-gun Changnyung-gun Gosung-gun Namhae-gun Hadong-gun Sanchung-gun Hamyang-gun Geochang-gun Hapchun-gun
  • Aerospace Museum
    There are 13post-war aircrafts, 5post-war aircrafts from USA, 2 equipped tanks, 3 cannons and a sedan which was driven by Kim Ilsung of North Korea and about 1000 other things are displayed such as photos, battle equipments, remains, UN's
    list of combatant nations and remembrances from the war.
    • Location: 802 Yuchun-ri Sanam-myeon Sachun-si Gyeongsangnamdo
    • Contact: +82-55-831-2727
  • Baenaegol Tourism Farm
    Baebangol Songrim Tourist Farm is located in Baebangol, the deepest valley of east Gyeongnam province, with facilities such as restaurants, Hwangtobang, condominiums, halls, auditoriums, swimming pools, agricultural products shops, bungalows, sports facilities, orchards, It is grown directly by apples, so you can taste it directly.
    • Location: 494-1 sun-ri wondong-myeon Yangsan-si Gyeongsangnamdo
    • Contact: +82-55-392-3233
  • Birth place of the President Roh Moo Hyun

    The birthplace of President Roh Moo-hyun has been restored to the nearest original house, reflecting the advice and opinions of President Roh Moo-hyun, and was opened to the general public in September 2009. The birthplace is a traditional thatched house which has two rooms and a kitchen with fashioned toilet and barn on the lower level.

    A birthplace information center is installed at the entrance for the convenience of visitors, and the commentary of the cultural tourism can be heard by tour guide.

    Bicycle tour (3.75km) of the presidential bicycle route from Bongha village to the Hwangpochon wetland ecological park is also available, so tourists can tour bicycles.

    • Location: 16, Bongha-ro 111beon-gil, Jinyeong-eup, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    • Contact: +82-55-346-0660
  • Bugok Hot Springs
    Bugok Hot Spring which was first discovered in 1973 is a natural hot sulfur spring that produces more than 6,000 tons of water that can get as hot as 78℃. The water contains not only sulfur but more than 20 types of minerals including silicon and chlorine and it is especially good for treating respiratory diseases and skin diseases and the region uses hot spring water for heating during the winter.
    • Location: Geomun-ri, Bugok-myeon, Changryeung-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
    • Contact: +82-55-530-1591
  • Cheonghakdong Samseonggung
    Mt.Jiri is also called Mt. Duryu because it formed a big peak at Seomjin river
    from Mt. Baekdu along Baekdu mountains. Mt. Duryu has Cheonhwangbong in
    the east, Banyabong in the west and Youngsindae in the center like a folding
    • Location: Mukgye-ri Cheongam-myeon Hadong-gun
    • Contact: +82-55-880-2380
  • Chokseokru
    No.8 Gyeongsangnamdo cultural property. 5rooms in the front, 4rooms on the
    side. This was a command post of captain who guarded Jimju castle in late
    Goryeo Dynasty. It is said that it was built in 1365 (14th year of King Gongmin)
    and also called Namjangdae because it was used as south command post during Imjinwaeran.
    • Location: Bonseong-dong Jinju-si Gyeongsangnamdo
    • Contact: +82-55-749-2480
  • Danghangpo Tourist site

    Danghangpo Tourist site is the place of Battle of Danghanpo in Joseon Dynastry era. In 1952 and 1594, Admiral Yi Sunsin, commanding his small fleet, succeeded in smashing 57 Japanese ships in Danghangpo site.

    From the donation the tourist site was made in 1981, and it was opened in November 1987 after development.

    • Location: 57, Danghang-ri, Hoehwa-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
    • Contact: +82-55-670-4504
  • Dohyang-ri, Malsan-ri Gobungun (tomb site)
    Haman is where Ara Gaya established its kingdom in the Samban Period and the tomb here was made 5~6c. It is located in the same area with Dohyang-ri
    Gobungun(no.84 historic site) and divided into Dohyang-ri Gobungun and
    Malsan-ri Gobungun by administrative map.
    • Location: Malsan-ri Gaya-eup Haman-gun Gyeongsangnamdo
    • Contact: +82-55-580-2341
  • Donguibogamchon
    Donguibogamchon is a representing brand of Herbal
    medicine industry in Korea and produces high quality goods and service in herbal medicine, well-being and medical service industries
    • Location: Teuk-ri Gumseo-myeon Sancheong-gun Gyeongsangnamdo
    • Contact: +82-55-970-7216
  • Geogadaegyo Bridge

    Geogadaegyo Bridge(Geoga Bridge) is a bridge that keeps its romance. It is also a bridge of hope and communication that connects the distant part of 8.2km from Gadeokdo,Busan to Yuhori , Geoje city.

    When the migratory birds depart from Busan Eunsukdo and pass through Busan Newport to Gadeokdo Island, the Goga Bridge is shown.

    • Location: Yuho-ri, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    • Contact: +82-1644-0082
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